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Printed February 2022, 25 pages

On this challenge:

  • Newest nanotech investments, industrial agreements and rounds of finance, January-February 2022.
  • Newest nanotech product information, industrial collaborations and industrial agreements, January-February 2022.
    • Quantum dots for agriculture (Quantum dots start-up).
    • Manufacturing course of to supply carbon-based nanomaterials utilizing CO2 and electrical energy (US start-up).
    • Cellulose nanofiber coatings for meals packaging (Main retailer).
    • Nanocoatings for electronics (US nanocoating firm).
    • Nanomembranes for filtration (European start-up).
    • Carbon nanotubes sensor units (US start-up).
    • Nanocellulose gels (Center East start-up).
    • Nanomaterials hydrogen manufacturing expertise (US nanomaterials producer).
  • Nanotech battery product information, January-February 2022.
    • Battery that may take away carbon dioxide even at small concentrations from air using nanotubes (US spin-out).
    • Silicon nanowire batteries (US battery producer).
    • Nanocoatings for batteries (US battery producer).
  • Newest graphene product information, industrial collaborations and industrial agreements, January-February 2022.
    • Graphene ink-based heaters for low-power sizzling water.
    • Biochar derived from pyrolysis to enhance environmentally pleasant processing strategies to supply graphite and graphene.
    • Graphene to strengthen recycled rubber and polymer.
    • Graphene anti-counterfeiting ink expertise.
    • Graphene sheet cooling expertise.
    • Graphene textiles.
    • Graphene decarbonisation system.
    • Graphene hydrogels.
  • Newest graphene battery product information, January-February 2022.
    • Graphene solid-state batteries.
    • Graphene aluminium-ion batteries.
    • Graphene lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries.
  • Newest graphene coatings product information, January-February 2022.
    • Graphene coating dispersions, to be used on industrial energy transmission gear.
    • Graphene marine coatings.
    • Anti-corrosion graphene coatings.
  • Newest graphene constructing and development product information, January-February 2022.
    • Graphene-enhanced concrete.
    • Graphene-enhanced cement components or grinding aids.
    • New 2D materials stronger than metal.


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