Apex Legends introduces Catalyst and her new talents in Season 15



Techno witch Catalyst is the most recent Legend becoming a member of the Apex Video games, and the primary trans character to hitch the solid of battle royale “Apex Legends.” Her story is intimately tied with Damaged Moon, the upcoming map for Season 15, titled “Eclipse.”

Catalyst is a defensive hero who wields ferrofluid to simulate darkish magic talents. In a digital occasion attended by The Washington Publish, Respawn Leisure shared Catalyst’s backstory, how she was created with enter from GLAAD consultants and an in depth take a look at her talents.

Each Legend in “Apex Legends” is crafted round having a sure vibe. If Catalyst was in a highschool cafeteria, she’d be the socially awkward however assured goth lady giving crystal readings and speaking concerning the phases of the moon. She seems to be like a neopagan industrial employee, combining security gear with a New Age aesthetic.

“Catalyst is what I’d name an enormous sister sort,” stated Ashley Reed, narrative lead on “Apex Legends.” “She’s no nonsense and she or he doesn’t take crap from anyone. She does often attempt to crack jokes with the opposite Legends but it surely tends to fall flat in unintentionally amusing methods.”

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When creating Catalyst’s character, Reed stated that the staff took quite a few steps to make sure that her portrayal as a trans lady was achieved “genuinely and correctly.”

“We’ve stated for a very long time how essential illustration is in ‘Apex’ and we have now a fairly various solid and we would like particularly to have a fairly various solid,” stated Reed.

Respawn labored with trans consultants from GLAAD, a media group that screens portrayals of LGBTQ individuals. Respawn additionally labored with Catalyst’s voice actor Meli Grant and the corporate’s inner LGBT teams to form the Legend’s backstory. “Techno witch,” which is the phrase that turned the staff’s guiding design precept for Catalyst, was instructed by a trans marketing consultant. Reed stated that any such enter is significant for designing new characters.

Catalyst was born on Boreas, the identical residence planet as her fellow Legend, the outcast Seer. Seer’s delivery coincided with a calamitous asteroid that obliterated Boreas’s moon Cleo, which has wrought havoc on the planet’s environment. After Catalyst witnessed her greatest pal Margot sacrificing herself to destroy a facility suspected of stripping Cleo of sources, she determined to make the moon her residence and joined the native terraforming crew working to revive the harm.

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Working in Cleo’s Foundry (which might be a playable location in Damaged Moon) is how Catalyst developed her fight talents. She wields ferrofluid, a magnetic liquid metallic that truly exists in actual life and is often used as a seal or dampener for electronics. Catalyst’s purposes for ferrofluid tackle the look of darkish magic flowing via her fingers.

Along with her passive potential Barricade, Catalyst can fortify doorways with ferrofluid to make them twice as proof against melee harm. Doorways bolstered by Catalyst can solely be opened or closed by her teammates. Catalyst also can rebuild doorways which were destroyed.

Her tactical potential Piercing Spikes hurls a patch of ferrofluid on the bottom that bursts right into a row of spikes when enemies get close to, damaging and slowing foes. Piercing Spikes can solely be eliminated by enemies who stand up shut, so it may be used to provoke fights or cowl a chokepoint.

The ultimate potential rounding out Catalyst’s equipment is her final, Darkish Veil. Darkish Veil varieties a wall of ferrofluid that obstructs imaginative and prescient however gained’t block gamers from strolling, driving or taking pictures via it. Enemies who try to journey via the wall might be slowed and partially blinded. The wall additionally jams most scanning talents corresponding to Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather.

“It’s an awesome instrument for splitting up the battlefield and getting that additional little bit of security for pulling off a clutch heal or revive,” stated OT Harrison, character designer and senior software program engineer at Respawn.

For splendid squad compositions, Respawn instructed teaming Catalyst up with Legends who additionally concentrate on space denial corresponding to Caustic and Watson. Excessive mobility Legends corresponding to Octane and Pathfinder can leverage Darkish Veil for shock assaults. In the event you’re up towards an enemy Catalyst, you need to use those self same cell Legends to counter Darkish Veil. Any doorways that Catalyst buffs with Barricade can nonetheless be mowed down with gunfire and explosives.

Catalyst might be playable when “Apex Legends: Eclipse” launches Nov. 1. Within the recreation’s ongoing story, the Apex Video games arrive at Cleo after the native authorities agrees to host the match in trade for monetary help. Catalyst, angered that company pursuits are actually threatening the terraforming work she and her fellow colonists have achieved, enters the video games with the intent of utilizing the prize cash to assist her individuals. This places her on a direct collision course with Seer, the Legend who introduced the Apex Video games to Cleo.