Sabrewing Lifts 829 Kilos – RotorDrone

Sabrewing Lifts 829 Kilos – RotorDrone


Sabrewing Lifts 829 Pounds reported that the Sabrewing Rhaegal Alpha drone was in a position to carry 829 kilos in a “dead-lift” flight that broke the file for cargo flight by drone. The drone, known as RH-1-A Rhaegal, is a vertical takeoff and touchdown (VTOL) plane that hovered to “dead-lift” the cargo. The Rhaegal is claimed to be the world’s first autonomous cargo plane able to each vertical and standard take-off and is designed to take tons of cargo to any location on Earth, in any climate. The Rhaegal contains blades, ducts and shapes that permit for 30% extra thrust than it was initially designed to offer. The pre-production prototype plane weighed about 2,700 lb for the primary flight and is able to a gross weight payload of three,100 lb. It will probably fly to altitudes as much as 22,000 ft and 200 knots. Watch a background video that features an RC prototype right here. Sabrewing is headquartered in Oxnard, CA. Be taught extra particulars at